Firewood For Sale

Firewood for Sale in Ann Arbor

Pick up or delivery
We encourage clients to pre-order their desired amounts prior to the heating season. Doing this, ensures we have an adequate amount on hand.
Kiln-dried & Seasoned Firewood
We offer kiln-dried and seasoned firewood.
Types of wood
The types of wood being used; mixed Michigan hardwoods; oak, cherry, maple, and hickory.
Campfire wood
We will be supplying campfire wood for this season which is comprised of Michigan softwoods.

Contact us to Place Your Order

Please Note: We are receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries for firewood. We apologize for not responding in a timely manner. Since covid, we have been working with reduced staff, and we are very sorry for not responding to you. Our kin-dried firewood is very sought after, and we only produce a limited amount per cycle.

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Freier Forestry Firewood offers kiln-dried and seasoned firewood.

Firewood loaded into the dehumidification bay to be dried. The material is heated to 125 degrees for a period of time, taking the moisture content down to a level that makes the firewood exceptional to burn in inside heating applications. This also mitigates any living bugs embedded in the firewood material.