Our Story

Our Mission

Freier Forestry inspires and advances the efforts of recycling and reusing timber.

We do this by:

Assisting residential property and business owners who want to recycle and reuse their cut down or damaged tress by converting the timber into usable lumber
Through educating our community on how they can be environmental responsible by simply recycling one of our greatest resources.

Core Beliefs

Through awareness and education, we can become 100% committed to reclaiming a lost amount of our natural resources.


Being 100% committed to recycling and reusing timber further reduces wood waste going to our landfills and being processed for wood chips and firewood.


By being more consciously aware of how to reuse timber and recycle come other benefits of reducing the amount of emissions associated with logging, processing and transportation of the new wood.


We have never bought one stick of standing live timber. We believe and practice in utilizing our renewable resource.

Our Vision

For our communities to become 100% committed to sustaining our natural resources through education, awareness and action.